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     Bee Happy Supplies LLC

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Bee Calm and Get Healthier

Lay down on a matted and pillowed wooden platform inside a wooden cabin while letting the bees relax you.

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At Bee Happy Supplies LLC in North Shore, Massachusetts, our services are seasonal and weather bound.

Bee Bed Therapy

Here, you will lay down on a matted and pillowed wooden platform inside a wooden cabin. The platform is situated above a set of four hives where bees have no access to the cabin’s interior. This design allows the circulation of air between the hives and cabin.

The Bee Bed Therapy is open from May to October on warm, sunny days. The Bee Bed House is open 10 hours a day on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for 1- to 2-hour treatment sessions.

Rates: Season ends October 31, 2021

1 Hour


3-Session Package


2 Hours (One Person) 


1 Hour With 2 People at the Same Time (Family or Friends)


All cancellations are subject to a $20 fee.

Season Opening  Saturday May 6,2023 .

*Gift Certificates Available

Potential Health Benefits

  1. Inhaling ionized clean air will eliminate bronchi and lung microbes within 10 minutes, reducing the level of free radicals in the human body.
  2. Aromatherapy offered by the multitude of plants (mostly medicinal) and nectar brought by bees
  3. The honey bee humming that induces a mild state of meditative trance will trigger your own self-healing frequency.
  4. A relaxed atmosphere that can induce sleep.
  5. Laying on a honey bee hive will give you micro massages that will positively affect your nervous, circulatory, and muscular systems.
  6. Potentially helps detox your body and stimulates the production of immune system cells

Beed Bed Therapy D and A

Hamilton MA. Seasonal Raw Honey for Sale

The honey we produce in our honey bee farm is unprocessed and raw. Our honey's extracting and bottling process is made by hand and our honey is never exposed to any kind of heat during this processes. Our honey bees are free to roam the gardens, woodlands(trees and  wild flowers),marshes and natural vegetation in our area. Honey has shown to alleviate multiple allergies. It is full of vitamins and minerals. However, it’s not suitable for children aged 1 year old and below.

Hosting a Honey Bee Hive !!!

Are you an aspiring beekeeper or BIG admirer of Honey Bees? or just want to support the health and population of Honey Bees....

We can help you set up honey bee hive in your own backyard, terrace, roof top, etc. ! 

For $1,500 a year ($125 monthly), we can help you set up a bee hive in your own place. This includes set up,  seasonal feeding, seasonal treatments, health checks, winterizing.

Depending on honey production of your can get 3/2 lbs. jars of your own hive's honey once during the end of summer/Fall. We will remove the frames full with honey and return to you your raw honey already harvested, spanned and bottled in 2 lbs. glass jars.

 Beekeeping consultation over the phone  $25 / hour.

Product List

SUMMER AND FALL HONEY AVAILABLE FOR SALE/ The darker the honey the more antioxidants it has....

Hamilton Ma. Seasonal Raw Wildflower Honey  2 lbs. glass jar

                                   2 lbs. glass  jar with Comb / Propolis

Raw Honey Comb Squares

Hamilton, Ma. Seasonal Raw Wildflower Honey  1lb. glass  jar   

                                 1lb. glass  jar  with Comb / Propolis  

Honey Lollipops / $2 per unit

Honey Straws 8 units per bundle



$ 30


$ 25

$ 18

$ 23

$ 2

$ 5

100% Pure Beeswax handmade candles/Smokeless and Dripless : Naturally scented.




12" Handmade Taper Candles/pair


Honey and Beeswax Lip Balm

Face Honey and beeswax Moisturizer...amazing!

Move over brand it comes natures best !!!

Beeswax Body Butter/ For hands, feet , elbows and knees

$5 to $7

$8 to $12 /Depending on design

$15 - $35 /Depending on design

$16 a pair

2 stick  for $ 7

$ 15 /2 oz. glass jar

$12 / 4 oz. glass jar



Saskatraz Honey Bees for sale

 ( Limited NUCS available for sale for Spring me with your orders....) 


Assorted Pictures for sale  

SWARM REMOVAL !!!!!! : Affordable!

With specialized equipment we remove honey bees safely (ONLY). We service all of Massachusetts. Please send us pics or videos of the bees you are in need of removal...if possible.

Description of where the swarm is may be needed.


Ceramic tea mugs/Honey Bee themes.

More products coming up for Spring /2023 ... stay tune !!!

Honey desserts like Honey Baklava, Alfajores (Peruvian cookies), and Leche Asada (Peruvian style Creme Brulee).



Starting from $100 to $400 depending on difficulty and location.

$6/each mug

Swarm Removal (Honey Bees Only!)

This only applies to the months of May and June. Contact us today and provide us with the following information:

Details on where the bees are located. What kind of structure? Are they on a tree? In a boat, car, and so on? How high are they from the ground? How long have they been in this location?

The fees will depend on the time and resources that we used to remove the bees.

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