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     Bee Happy Supplies LLC

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We will be at the Craft Fair at Appleton Farm in Ipswich 12/10/22.

Hamilton Farmersmarket on 12/16/22 3pm to 7pm

Farm Stand

756 Bay Road S Hamilton MA 01982

All Year Round Hours:

Thursday to Sunday

from 10 am to 6 pm

Tired of feeling stressed ,looking to relax ...

Tired of taking chemicals to survive your day to day!

Explore a natural way that may give your body tools to a balanced and feel good days.

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COVID-19 Health Protocols

Before Entering Bee Bed House. please wear face masks. We will provide therapy only to those who have a negative COVID-19 test result or vaccinated against this virus.

Naturally Relaxing 

Take advantage of the health benefits the bees can give you here at Bee Happy Supplies LLC in North Shore, Massachusetts! Here, you can be exposed to the honey bee hive without having to have direct contact with the honey bees. These creatures produce Propolis which disinfects and sterilizes their hives’ interior.

The Propolis and hive’s sweet smell gives you an opportunity to breathe air that potentially contains deep-cleansing properties which can improve your respiratory system. The sound coming from a hive is soothing and relaxing, helping the human brain reduce stress and manage sleep.

Honey bees vibrate their thorax muscles to create warmth. When flying in and out a hive, their wings can raise the vibration level within healthier levels. A healthy human body vibrates between 62-70 megahertz.

Human cells have the potential to start mutating when vibrating under 62 megahertz. A person with a flu virus vibrates around 58 megahertz and cancer cells potential growth happens around 42 megahertz.

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* All bees are Saskatraz honey bees from Canada with a health certificate from the Department of Agriculture of Canada.


We strive to provide relief to the human body from the imbalances created by modern lifestyles. Our team will do this in an affordable, gentle way so that more people will enjoy our services. The end goal is to get your body vibrate higher ,achieving a happy and healthy state of being as possible.


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How We Started

This is a family-owned business. Janina grew up in a family were Dad managed his own apiary of over 150 honey bee hives. She learned a lot about the wonderful benefits of honey bees from him.

In England, Russia,  Ukraine, Serbia, there’s is knowledge and practices wherein the clean, ionized air from the hives are channeled to a person to get health benefits. Bee hives are used for all their products pollen, honey, propolis, wax including being close to the hives because of the health benefits of their buzzing vibration.

Janina, Owner


Born and raised in Miraflores, Peru, Janina moved to Boston in Massachusetts more than 33 years ago. She’s a social worker by trade and heart. Janina has raised three sons who are her pride and joy. Together with her family, Janina moved to the Town of Hamilton a few years ago where they’ve been enjoying a small-town lifestyle.

This quiet town provided the perfect atmosphere for her to own an apiary. She has created a unique type of therapy given by nature’s own honey bees.

Janina’s business was inspired and created in honor of the most generous human beings she has known -- her parents. Her father was a retired police officer and a Master Beekeeper in the Amazon jungle while mother a  hairdresser salon owner raising three daughters. 

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